We help businesses successfully navigate foreign shores. Expansion into new countries can be complicated; but we make it simple for you.

We ensure that you are not stuck with unnecessary office and personnel costs, administrative tasks, and risks. We take care of all the details, so you can focus on your business.


When you decide where to expand your business»

We help you incorporate your company or register your branch office.

When you find a suitable office, with or without our help »

We make sure that your post and telephone calls are taken care of.

When you recruit a local sales person or team member, with or without our help »

We help you to arrange employment contracts, salary administration and salary payments.

When you are ready to invoice your client »

We help you to open a local bank account to receive and execute payments, and take care of your financial administration and tax filings.



Operating from our offices in Amsterdam and Stockholm, we help companies and entrepreneurs who are successful in their home country to expand to (other) European countries.

New Business Support is affiliated to Dolk Hesper which provides (interim) management services to foreign owned companies. Dolk Hesper has a license from the Dutch Central Bank since 1 January 2012.


We have worked with more than 100 international business owners and look forward to assisting you as well. On our team we have accountants, lawyers, secretaries and project managers with an international background. Each of our multilingual team members has skills that are relevant for international business expansion. Our professional network includes lawyers, tax advisors and other experts. We tailor our solutions to support international clients in every aspect of their expansion into Europe. We are proficient in English, Swedish, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. This makes communication with the client pleasant and easy.

Kathy Dolk

Kathy is a corporate lawyer with a degree in European and International Law. She has Swedish and Dutch dual nationality and grew up in Germany. As an attorney and partner of a corporate services provider, she has assisted international companies and entrepreneurs for more than 15 years.

Kirstin Somsen

Kirstin has assisted foreign owned companies in the Netherlands for more than 15 years, as a company secretary, legal compliance officer and company director. Born in the United States, she has dual Dutch American nationality and lived in Japan several years before moving to the Netherlands.

Remco Hesper

Remco has a Masters in International Business and has worked in Spain, Peru and China. His international exposure gives him the ability to understand clients from different backgrounds and their particular business needs. As a project manager, he creates tailor made solutions for clients.


Company Formation or Branch Office

Whether you want to incorporate a Dutch BV company, a German GmbH, a Swedish AB, or register your company in multiple countries as a local branch office, we take care of it. We coordinate the company formation, including the articles of association, or we register your company with the local trade registration authorities as a branch office.

Office & Daily Management

We help you find a suitable office solution and arrange for the post handling of your company so that all important matters are handled efficiently and promptly. We can also arrange for other office related services such as telephone and data connections, as well as telephone receptionist services.

Legal Documents

We arrange and keep minutes of the legally required board and shareholders meetings. We assist in the preparation of legal documents such as loan agreements, shareholders agreements and share purchase agreements. When needed, we bring in the expertise of a solid network of legal specialists in relevant fields of law (such as Mergers and Acquisitions, Employment Law, Tax Law, Intellectual Property).

Employees & HR Services

Whether you want to recruit local employees or send expatriates, we assist with recruitment, salary administration, wage tax filing, employment contracts, employee insurances and other employee related services such as payrolling, visa applications and expat housing.

Payments & Bookkeeping

Whether you have your own international bookkeeping software or want to make use of ours; we are here to help. Our accountants work with international clients and are familiar with the different national reporting requirements.

We can assist you with preparing invoices, making payments, handling bank compliance procedures and opening a bank account.

Tax Compliance

We help register your company with the tax authorities so you can obtain the necessary tax registration numbers. We can also help in filing VAT returns, Corporate Income Tax and Wage Tax returns.

A company that has activities in more than one country is usually taxable in all those countries. We can help you obtain the tax advice to keep your tax situation as simple as possible.



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