Business in Holland


Start your business in the Netherlands. Learn how to incorporate your Dutch BV company in 10 stepsread more


Open your office in Amsterdam. Cost-effectively start and run your office and gain credibility as a local playerread more


Dutch bookkeeping. Learn how the Dutch accounting standards apply to international group companiesread more


Dutch employment law. These are the rules, costs and benefits when employing people in the Netherlandsread more


Dutch company director. Learn who can act as a director for your Dutch companyread more


Dutch corporate law. Learn about corporate governance in The Netherlands and liability under Dutch lawread more

At Amsterdam Business Support we help foreign entrepreneurs and businesses to feel welcome to the Netherlands, all else is secondary.

Our services include:

  • Dutch BV company incorporation: Starting a business in The Netherlands
  • Dutch accounting: bookkeeping and financial administration in Amsterdam
  • Dutch tax: Permanent establishment check in the Netherlands, Tax residence in the Netherlands, Dutch tax substance, Dutch tax filing in the Netherlands
  • Dutch labour law: Dutch employment contracts, Dutch salary administration, HR assistance
  • Dutch company director assistance: Dutch governance and legal documents

We have your:

  • Swedish accountant in The Netherlands (Swedish bookkeeper in Amsterdam)
  • Swedish lawyer in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • German speaking notary in The Netherlands
  • German speaking lawyer in the Netherlands
  • German speaking tax advisor in Amsterdam
  • Italian accountant in The Netherlands (Italian speaking bookkeeper in Amsterdam)
  • Spanish speaking lawyer in the Netherlands
  • Spanish notary in The Netherlands
  • And more…